Sunday, June 10, 2012
Last Song Syndrome

Hate that I love you so... :(

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here I go again...

Doing the same thing but expecting a different result...

I am starting to miss you when you're not around or it's your off...
I am worried if you are not responding to my messages...
But you will never know... I have to keep this to myself and its better that way...

Because we will never be, and there is no such thing as "WE". :-(

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Friday, April 27, 2012
I am back...

Back to Blogging...


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Friday, September 02, 2011

Love is in the air. By the way it's 113 days before Xmas. I am so excited. :)

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
New Year, New Beginning, Welcome 2009

2008 has been a very good year for me. A year full of ups and downs, joys and of course failures. Nevertheless I'm very thankful for a wondeful and meaningful year.

Last April 2008 I was promoted as a Team Manager. It has been a difficult task for a beginner but I would like to thank my mentors for all the support and knowledge that was imparted to me. I would also like to thank my team, they have been my training grounds and I can happily say that they were my success.

I have succesfully acquired my own apartment. Something that I'm quite proud of. Now I can prove to them that I can be independent.

For this year, I am targeting a new position. With all the hardwork and effort that I'm putting into it, I'm quite sure that I will have that post.

This new year brings new hope. Lets face this new chapter of our lives with a smiling face and with a positive outlook.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone...


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Sunday, November 16, 2008
November 15, 2k8

Month of November...
This is the month that most of us are eager to get our 13th month and bonus pays... Every one would agree to that I guess. But for me, its a really really sad month...
November 15th...
Every 15th of the month is a significant date. Its the month where my partner and I are celebrating our monthsarry. Before I am not a fan of celebrating monthsarries but since I have been with my partner it has been a monthly celebration.
12am 11/15/2k3
I'm at work... Working my ass out... Taking manager calls here and there. Doing coaching for my agents. Exactly 12am, my phone rang. A new message appeared. Happy Monthsarry Baby... That's what I received. I replied, Happy Monthsarry as well. I said, I love you so much, Thanks for being in my life, I'm very happy to have you...
9am 11/15/2k3
I went home after an overnight-long work. I tried to call my partner, no one answer...
I sent my partner a message. "I'm going home, Happy Monthsarry again, Im waiting for your call or even your messages. I love you honey...
10am 11/15/2k3
I tried to call my partner again, but much to my suprise, no one answered. I didnt recieved any messages at the same time... I ate lunch... All by myself...
1pm 11/15/2k3
I called my partner again, no one answered again. I said, I will go to sleep. Please call me back... I love you...
6pm 11/15/2k3
I woke up, prepared to go to work again... I still havent received any call or messages at all...
1am 11/16/2k3
We met each other... My partner was in a hurry, its almost time for my partner's shift. I asked my partner, Why arent you answering my calls and messages?
My partner said, I dont have enough credits on my phone and I actually went to my friends house. I replied, You are always special to me... Happy monthsarry... Im sorry to bother your plans for the day...
I feel alone... Sad... Left OUt...
I feel like I' m not special... not important...
Im pathetic and insane... I know nothing will change even if I write a thousand of these entries...
But still I love the individual so dearly... :-(

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Life oh Life!!!!


Its good to be back again...

Blog days are back... ;p


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Saturday, April 01, 2006
A new adventure...

I started to work in a call center last week. I never thought that i will enjoy it so much.

The people around me, they amaze me a lot. I was the youngest in the group. Most of them were already college grads.

Some of them even have work experience before in a call center. Me, its my first time.

I enjoy their company together. The company of my teammates. The yosi breaks, the laughters and the teases.

Its like your studying once again. Its like having your basic english classes when you are in your freshman years in highschool or college. The trainer is  very good, so professional.

I do hope i can finish the training with flying colors. I really like the job so i think i really need to put some effort on it.

I really miss Lori as of this time. Hope we can see each other after the summer break.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
a journey to hell


    Today, i feel so bad about myself. I think Im about to lose something dear to me... I dont want to wait until that thing happens to me...

  Its terribly sad. Its ripping me inside. My chest feels like it is going to burst. I asked myself, "UNtil when will i wait for your return?"

  What does it take to be happy?... Yes Im happy just like what my friends always say because that is what they see physically. But deep inside im bleeding... Bleeding terribly.

  There is just one thing that i keep on hoping in, it is that one day she would return and say that she loves me and she needs me. I do hope so it will come before my soul ended this journey of my feelings into hell...

  I feel sad. Its terrible... :(

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
As of Today

Today, Im here sitting here infront of the PC. I have nothing to do except to wait for my class that is scheduled 5:30 today. Did you now that we will tackle Rizal's Life? How tiring isn't it. Hehehehe

Last weekend, my organization went to a constitutional assembly to ammend some of the chapters of the constitution of the organization. I enjoyed it a lot. Sarap gumimik sa Diliman but still i prefer LB over them. Mas masarap gumimik dito. Mamatay na ang magsasabing bundok ang LB at wala kaming social life dito. Try nyo kayang pumunta dito, baka hindi na kayo umuwi pagnaranasan nyo ang LB way of Living. Hahaha pathetic ako.. blah blah

I really really miss Lori alot. Hirap ng ganito. Wala akong drive magaral masyado. Feeling ko kulang ako pero wala akong magawa sa pagkakataon gusto talaga kami paghiwalayin as of now. I really really want to see her now... Patience is a virtue... hay sana epektibo yan sa akin...

Its really hard now that I'm a major student. Engineering pa. at hindi lang basta engineering Electrical pa un hahaha. Ewan ko nga ba ayaw talaga sa akin ng math pero yung physics nga hinahabol pa ko. Biruin mo inoffer-an ako na magshift sa Applied Physics curriculum... hahaha pero ayoko masaya ako sa EE.

Eto wala na kong masabi sana sa susunod may maganda  namang mangyari sa buhay ko, pero isa lang ang aaminin  ko sa inyong lahat,

Masaya ako sa buhay ko, lalo na dahil andyan si... _______


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